Things are pretty incredible these days. 
Soup can be eaten out of bowls that are entirely made out of bread. There are people to dance with. Cats that will nap on your belly. Rivers to swim in. The sun is constantly making elaborate exits right over our heads; and what is better? It always returns in a new colorful, fashion, and we can always look forward to that.
You can be kissed on every part of your body - Toes, pinkies, the eye of your elbow - it is all beautiful. There are plants growing even when there is no one to water them. Some animals know how to sing. Every month or so the moon gets so bright that you can explore at any hour of the night. There are libraries filled with books that anyone can read. Bubble wrap can be popped with your toes. Someone has managed to capture the suns rays in various forms such as marmalade, tiny fuzzy ducks, dandelions, drier sheets, back massages and lemonade. And my god, we can eat breakfast for dinner!

Cori Storb